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27 March 2021

Opencart 1.5.x.x and PHP 7

Currently many hosting compaines are removing PHP 5.6 and early PHP 7 from their systems as they've come to the end of their life. PHP 7.3/4 and 8 with most hosts are the common current offered versions. This has led to some of our clients and many other Opencart owners finding their sites are not working and asking what can be done. "Do I need an upgrade?" is a common question and something we will address in this post.

Opencart is an Evolving Platform

Opencart is a constantly evolving platform and aims to keep up to date with modern coding practices and technologies. The newer versions can handle higher PHP versions out of the box. For many site owners this is a pretty straightforward switch but brings problems for well developed and established sites on OC 1.5.x.x with regard to custom code, extensions and other such work. Upgrade the Opencart version and you can bet there are other upgrades and updates needed somewhere. But what if you don't have time, don't have the money and just want your current site to last a bit longer?

Keeping Your Old Site Going

If you're looking to keep your OC 1.5.x.x site going a bit longer then there is a solution. Generally with most OC 1.5.x.x based sites, depending on the level of development it is possible to make them run on PHP 7. There may be some fixing and patching to some of your third party extensions but generally it's possible. So far we have managed to convert several of our clients based sites to run on PHP 7.4 and PHP 8. Once converted, most are runing error free and faster than on PHP 5.6.

The Ecommerce Help View

At Ecommerce Help we support development and evolution and would suggest that upgrading your site to a newer version is a good move at some point. Upgrades bring many improvements including enhanced security and better coding and practices plus more integrations with third party services. The Opencart development team do a great job evolving their platform and each release brings something new to an already great system. But, if you want to keep your old site running it usually can be done, is worth doing to keep you in business and online but should be looked at as a holding move while you investigate and evaluate getting an upgrade to a newer version. It will buy you time while you plan the next stage of your online presence.

If you have an old OC 1.5.x.x based site and are having any of the problems mentioned above please get in touch and see if Ecommerce Help can fix you up or give you a shiny new upgrade.

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